“Take all the wisdom, justice, jurisprudence, artifice, even the highest virtues the world affords, and what are they? They minister only to that god, carnal appetite. They can go no farther than the needs of this life, their whole purpose being to satisfy physical cravings. When the physical appetites of the worldly pass, they pass likewise, and the gifts and virtues we have mentioned can no longer serve them. All perish and go to destruction together--righteousness, virtues, laws and physical appetites, which they have served as their god." 


     "For they are wholly ignorant of the true and eternal God; they know not how to serve Him and receive eternal life. So then in its essential features such a life is merely idolatrous, having no greater object than the preservation of this perishable body and its enjoyment of peace and honor."


     In a few words, Martin Luther exposed the phoniness of secular humanism pretending to be a spiritual path for what it is: ego trip to a dead end.

5/18/1980 - 5/18/2020  

End of probation

 Daniel 9:24-27

The time element 70 times seven alongside another verse twisted 180 degrees to accommodate a popular "christian" doctrine 



        of Apostasy

A once sacred oath 

     will be both 

    profaned and 

   mandated in the             near future.  



  Biblical scripture straight-up

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