The  god of this world


                             “There is more in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy”    ... Shakespeare’s Hamlet


     Satan. Lucifer. The Devil. Hardly a coffeehouse topic. Bring it up and see how quickly the pained looks head your way as though you’d made some weird faux pas. Why not broach the subject anyway? Maybe if people knew more about this person, understood his nature and how he came to his position, they’d see how Satan gets people to commit spiritual suicide as a way to get back at our Creator.

     Well isn’t murdering someone else’s children the worst crime? After all, every parent knows a child occupies a place in the heart that can never be filled except by the one who left and who isn’t coming back. Don’t think this fact is lost on the Lord of the Flies. He’s out to convince you that your Maker doesn’t give a damn about you. He uses the corrupt agendas of religion to anger and embitter you; then if you’re willing, he coaxes you into believing the lie of  'we are gods' and to ourselves we should look no higher. Finally, he convinces many that the Lord of Life, even if He does exist - is just too incompetent to get the job done.


     People are so ego-driven. We actually believe themselves to be above deception. Besides, we're too busy to be bothered with such non-concrete matters. Take care that you don't dismiss the spiritual undercurrent. Doing so is the greatest mistake in life. A quick bio of Satan and his roles follows:


     Who this little bastard really is


     Put aside theological mischief and secular thought. Eden isn’t quite the myth that many suppose. Eden had no fruit fetish going on. Nor was it some silly story designed to frighten kids into adopting moral behavior. Humans came under condemnation of the very Law, i.e. the knowledge that differentiates good from evil as chosen in that “Garden” instead of choosing eternal life. Humans aren't immortal until we pass through our Creator - the source of Life and the portal to that dimension. He's the electricity and we, the batteries in need of recharging. He gave His name as (YHVH), simply “I AM” (Exod 3:14), that is: I am, I’m it, I’m the one, the real deal. Period. Not some fiction of men, not some imaginary santa claus cavemen conjured up as they sat around the primordial campfire to scare the darkness away. We didn't name Him, rather, He told us who He is and chose us, not the other way around, John 15:16.


     Then along came a savvy individual having a bone to pick with our Creator, and this person decided to throw a monkey wrench into the plan. He twisted some words to get the spiritually naïve to believe they were missing out on something - that they could be immortal all by themselves, as though they needed to free themselves from some imaginary oppression. After all, if you know right from wrong (the Law) why the need for a Father? Or so they thought. What they didn't know at the time was that once under the Law, (vs. mercy), spiritual death is the only outcome.

     The Shining One


     That serpent in Eden has generated lots of opinions. The Hebrew word for serpent is nachash from Strong's #5175 and its root #5172 meaning: whisperer; prognosticator; enchanter of spells taken from the ability of a snake to hiss. Nachash is also closely related to a word used of brass/copper nechosheth #5178 for the bright shine the metal gives off and #5180 Nchustan “the copper serpent of the desert.” It is also used of base metals, as distinguished from precious metals such as gold/silver.


     In other words: the context shows that nachash or serpent - this whisperer, i.e. enchanter is something that looks precious (like gold), yet is a fake.


     There’s a second witness to this shining one. The cherubic (angelic) being described in

Ezekiel 28:12-19: “sealed up the sum, (and was) full of wisdom and *perfect in beauty.” This angel walked in Eden, the very garden (a guarded, protected realm). He was an “anointed cherub” though a created being, who was: ** “perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, till iniquity was found in you.” According to scripture, this person’s lies filled him with violence. His ego and gifts deceived even himself into believing he could supersede the Lord. His fate then, is to be humbled and destroyed before humans as an everlasting warning. So yes, our Lord did create "Satan" but not as some evil entity. Satan got there all by himself. Just as we, got to our sin all by ourselves. Our Creator is not the author of evil.      


     Next role...

  Biblical scripture straight-up

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